Building relationships:  PR, influencers & partners


You can talk all you like; you need to say it to the right people, and make sure they are listening. This is not just about who you know in the print journalism world, but also who you are using to get your business cards made, where you go to talk to people and how you tell people about it afterwards.


I will work with you to make sure you are getting the best out of your suppliers, that they are happy with how you work together and that when they talk to other people about you, they say good stuff.


You need to get out there too – we’ll get you meeting the right people and making the right impression at the right events.

All in all, you might have to change the way you think about what you do a bit, but it’ll be worth it.

Brand voice


Everything you say in your business says something about your business. So if you are using different words each time you talk about it, people end up unsure of what it is that you do.

Building a bank of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs to describe your business allows you to get everyone internally on the same page. Then, when they talk to clients or customers, everyone hears the same message.

Content strategy


Content can be hard to get down on the page, and to do it every week is even harder. I’ll help you find the time, remember why it’s important and make sure it’s always top notch.


Once you’ve decided what you want to say and to whom, we can start making it look amazing too. I can put you in touch with graphic designers, web developers, printers and photographers. I’ll help you manage the work they do for you if you need me to.

Copy writing and editing

Tell me who you want to sound like, and we’ll make it happen. The most powerful thing you can do for your brand is make sure you say what you need to say with good spelling, grammar and punctuation. It makes you look more professional than all the graphic design, quality print and good services can. It makes people trust you, respect you and come back to you.

Communications systems audit


One of the most important services I can offer your business is an outsider’s perspective on how you are doing things. I like to work with you for a couple of weeks, seeing how you do everything from manage staff holidays to structure meetings.

Then we look at what frustrates you, your staff and maybe even your customers. We have to be honest. You have to be willing to change. You have to be willing to learn how to use something new. But then, we will have a better system. And you can go home at 6 pm instead of 8 pm. And you know that everyone knows what’s going on.


Basically, I aim to give you peace of mind.

Social Media strategy

You’ve simply got to use the amazing tools that are out there. And it’s fun. Well, I think it’s fun… and with a decent strategy and plan behind it, it is incredibly powerful. 

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