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An analytical approach to marketing to meet your business goals.

Commercial positioning

I work with your team to develop understanding how your business fits amongst your competitors, what your USP is (both internally and in the eyes of your customers), and how you can encourage loyalty from your customers. 


Regularly reviewing your commercial positioning together is critical to
growth and success. 

Platform & toolkit setup

Over more than 10 years, I have developed a flexible toolkit that allows the business to

  • create content quickly and effectively,

  • manage leads,

  • analyse your success,

  • report on activity and

  • adapt marketing strategy to achieve goals in a data-driven way. 

Data analytics & reporting

Before you start any marketing activity, it's crucial to know what you're trying to achieve, and what success looks like.


Data from a range of platforms can be used in combination to not only see how you're doing, but also develop an understanding of how to improve and how to invest in growth. 

Content & channel strategy

Cross-channel content marketing is not as complex as it sounds! At its core, marketing is about creating timely, relevant, interesting information for your audience and choosing the best places to share it to grow your business using paid, owned, shared and earned channels. I can help you create the strategy, and also create content for your site, blog, social media and more!

Backed up by analysis of the results, this is the backbone of a marketing strategy. 

PR & media strategy

Developing a profile in the media requires careful planning and commitment.
I am experienced in building a PR and media strategy, and developing a toolkit to minimise the time and resource needed to take best advantage of opportunities.


My connections and experience in both choosing and managing media partners agencies takes guessing out of the equation. 

Event production

Putting on events is useful and rewarding. If you're new to it, I can help you decide on a purpose, format, audience and help manage logistics and delivery.


If you simply need an extra pair of hands to allow your existing team to get on with other tasks, I can help take the pressure off at crucial moments. 

Partnership marketing

Connecting with your communities and choosing people to help you represent your business and product in public is a big deal. The right partners can supercharge your growth!

Together, we can find partners you can work with to your mutual benefit. I can assist in managing those relationships so you can focus on clients and product development. 

commercial positioning
Platform & toolkit setup
data analytics & reporting
content & channel strategy
PR & media strategy
event production
partnership marketing
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